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NYC: Advanced Acting Workshop

Sat April 20 & Sun April 21 9:30am-3pm

Ages Teens-20s


Boston: Improv Slam

Friday May 3rd 5-8pm

Ages 8-12


Boston: Actor’s Bootcamp-Day 1

Saturday May 4th 10am-4pm

Ages 13-21

$225 (or $425 for BOTH Sat & Sun)

Boston: Actor’s Bootcamp-Day 2

Sunday May 5th 10am-4pm

Ages 13-21

$225 (or $425 for BOTH Sat & Sun)

For more information on Workshops or Private Coaching, email, or call (585) 455-3935.  
Do the Work. Love the Process. Book the Job. 



Join me for a chance to take your work to the next level! We will learn to exist in the moment, stretch our creative boundaries, and cultivate our skills. It is a positive, supportive, inspiring atmosphere in which we explore and grow as actors without fear of judgement! Katie's class is a continuation of Diane Hardin's Joy of Acting method, which focuses on freeing up your work, while embracing your genuine LOVE of the process.

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